I am a PhD-holding senior bioinformatics scientist at a major cancer center in the United States. Being a frequent lurker of r/bioinformatics, I noticed the same career questions being asked over and over again. I tried my best to answer these questions when I can, but this process made me realize (after some Googling) that there wasn’t a centralized place to find information about all of the different aspects of a career in bioinformatics. I created the site to offer everything from career information to programming and data visualization tutorials. This site uses affiliate links.


  1. Hey! Thankyou so much for creating this website. I am still an undergrad (Biology major with Bioinformatics option) and have a year before I graduate and recently realizied the potential of bioinformatics. I am still a beginner but very excited about learning more. There seems to be very little information on how to go about a career in bioninformatics and most days it seems to be too daunting of an undertaking as a biology major so far, but this has been the most succinct and exciting resource so far! Thankyou for your posts so far, looking forward to more content. Hope you're doing well :)

    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to write! Yes, I noticed that there was a severe lack of helpful and up to date information out there for a career in bioinformatics. Hearing from people who find the site helpful makes the effort worthwhile for me. Take care!

  2. Dear Paul. I am Wilson from Hong Kong. So happy to see a site that is for bioinformatics for cancer. I am a Computer Engineer graduated 12 years ago and has worked and developed to be a mature System Analyst. Since few years ago I wanted to use my computing skills on a science field so much, especially on cancer. I have been search jobs around for a month and it has not been as easy as I thought :)

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