I am a bioinformatics/computational biology postdoctoral fellow at a major cancer center in the United States. Being a frequent lurker of r/bioinformatics, I noticed the same career questions being asked over and over again. I tried my best to answer these questions when I can, but this process made me realize (after some Googling) that there wasn’t a centralized place to find information about all of the different aspects of a career in bioinformatics. I created the site to offer everything from career information to programming and data visualization tutorials.

Are you interested in informing and training the next generation of bioinformaticians? Here’s your chance! I’m just one guy (with a full time job) so I could use help with generating and maintaining content. I’d be happy to take contributions on any and all topics. Some ideas include your experience applying to and getting into grad school, what you do in a typical day in your job, programming and data visualization tutorials, or even advice about how not to fall asleep during a particularly dry seminar. Please drop me a line if you’d like to contribute. 

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